07 October, 2009

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALP!!!!!!! (was "Work In Progress")

ETA: 7.10.09; 3.47 PM

Okay, here's what's going on. Due to insane image overload, my blog takes AGES to load the first page. So I've been going through and putting in jumps. Which sounds awesome.
As a side-effect of the jumps, my sidebar has slid down and now it's sitting in bottom, whcih is a problem because a) you can't see it as easily and b) it's cut OFF.
I looked it up on the help thingy, and they said sometimes this is caused by something in the blog itself being too wide. They also said sometimes it's caused by a "
" not having a matching "
". So now I'm going through each post and putting a "/div" at the end. But each post (when viewed individually) has the sidebar. So I don't know what's causing this problem and I'm kind of just too annoyed to worry about it right now.
And I would just revert to a standard Blogger template except that I am kind of in love with all of my widgets right now and I don't know how to change templates without losing them. Someone please help????

So, I'm currently going through posts and putting in jumps, because some posts are really, really obscenely long. So if anyone notices any formatting issues, if you wanna let me know, that'd be AWESOME.

In other news, I'm trying to go through and update Bubble, Engagement, and Thank Goodness based on my new high res pics from Tumblr. Eventually I plan on finishing Ariel, Elle, and starting on Elphaba. I've just been INSANELY busy from the show(s) and school.

And It's kind of funny, because I used to get so sad when Maggie or other costumers who run sites were like, "I have a life; I can't update!" and here I am doing the same thing. =/
Oh well. Go do some research of your own, guys! This is just a starting resource for you guys.... I know there are much more brilliant people than me out there that can do this job just as well as me. =D

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