26 September, 2009

Wicked: Costume Directory (Fiyero)

"Genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow."

Fiyero Tiggelar (sp?) is a Winkie Prince that comes to Shiz University. He romances Galinda, but then ends up falling for the more serious Elphaba. In the book, he has blue skin and diamonds. (?) But in the musical, he's a much more normal, INSANELY HAWT young man.

First Day at Shiz: Fiyero arrives at Shiz University wearing some insanely hot tight
white riding breeches, a buttoned collared shirt under a beautiful crimson vest. Me likee.

Ozdust Ballroom Suit: Crimson suit, white waistcoat.

Shiz Uniform: Blue suit and pants, longsleeve white pinstriped shirt, and a blue pinstriped vest. Also, a tie.

Captain of the Guard: Green jacket and pants with gold trim. Note how on the front, there are yellow bricks! Also, the trim on the sleeve says "OZ".

Revolutionary: When he runs off with Elphaba, he's wearing brown suspenders, a green shirt, and green pants.

Scarecrow: Okay, I don't get this--when he saves Elphaba, he wears his captain uniform--AFTER he changes into the Revolutionary outfit--so his scarecrow outfit is basically a destroyed version of the green uniform.

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paperbeck said...

The 'Revolutionary' oufit is just the Captain of the Guard uniform without the jacket. He wears the tan-green shirt under his green and gold uniform. The pants and shoes are the same, so it is easy to see if you look closely.


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