19 October, 2009

Boq's Costume Directory


Okay, it's entirely possible I'm procrastinating. But in the meantime, you have all these lovely photos to browse through! Yay!Oh yes, there are spoilers relating to how Boq figures into the original story, so if you want to keep your innocence... Don't pass go. ^.^

Photobucket School Uniform: So when we first see Boq, he's the mother of all nerds. He has a high-waisted navy and white striped suit. Underneath it he wears a green button up shirt and a tie with wide (i'm thinking 2"?) horizontal stripes in red, purple, and white. I'm not sure the significance of this: the green would definitely symbolise the Emerald City, and the red and purple would be Gillikins and Quadlings, but I don't remember ever hearing that Boq is affiliated with either of those countries?
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PhotobucketOzdust Ballroom: His next outfit is the one he wears to the ball. It's a tux (with tails) in some kind of bronze satin. Underneath he wears the exact same green shirt and tie. Clearly not a difficult change! =)


Servant to the Governess: When Boq is under the reign of NessaRose, who has an unhealthy obsession with him, he wears a silver uniform. It buttons straight up and has a mandarin collar. I really like the pockets: they have little M's made out of braid.

And then SPOILERS he turns into the Tin Man. And he wears silver makeup. And I don't know how they do that lightning fast change (I'm thinking body doubles ala Phantom) but I am going to find out, for I am going to Behind the Emerald Curtain next month in Frisco! Yay! Now, I can finally see all these costumes in person! I am so excited! =D

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