27 August, 2009

Phantom Costume Directory: Christine Daae


"Who'd believe a diva, happy to relieve a 
chorus girl who's gone and slept with the patron?"

Christine's Costumes from Phantom are now sorted and photobucketed because avoiding homework is what Corbyjanes love best Enjoy!

Christine's Chorus Girl Costume is what we see her in first. She wears this skimpy, stringy costume during the dance, up until Carlotta runs off in a huff and she auditions to play the lead.

Elvira or Evita or something like that (my phangirl days are sadly long over): Christine wears this during Think of Me.

Christine's Dressing Gown: Worn during Angel of Music and down into Erik's lair.

All I Ask of You: I'm shaky on when the change between the opera and this dress happens, because the last time I watched a bootleg was ages ago. But she wears this on the roof.

Masquerade Costume: Christine wears this very inconspicuous *coughcough* number during the ball.

At The Grave: This is the amazing blue dress that I love with all my heart that Christine wears to the managers' offices (Notes) and then to the graveyard.

Aminta: Christine wears this for Don Juan Triumphant.

The Wedding Dress: Erik gives Christine this while in his lair, and she takes her bow in it so we have tons of reference pictures YAY!.


Anonymous said...

Elissa is the name of the lead role in Hannibal.

The costume change in Il Muto occures after Carlotta "croaks" and Christine is rushed to get into the Countess dress (my personal favorite- remember that her Countess dress is different than Carlotta's). We first see Christine in the Countess dress when she and Raoul are rushing to/on the roof.

Corbyjane said...

Thanks so much, anon! I'll update this post whenever I get a chance. I didn't realise her Countess dress was different from Carlotta's. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

You're certainly welcome! Here is a page dedicated to Maria Bjornson's designs:


If you need help, just let me know (so then I can sign up, share my Photobucket link, etc.) :D

Mockingjay said...

Probably it's because this post is like five, six years old, but the links to photobucket don't work anymore.
No sure how you can solve this, but if there's no way to fix it, maybe I should stop being a lazy fangirl and start doing my own research xD
At least this is a great list for Christine's dresses! Thank you for the time you put into building this! n.n


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