03 October, 2009

Hello, how's it going?

Well, the poll is closed. As I'm taking it down directly, here are the results.
We had 20 total voters. Thanks to everybody who participated!

It seems like a lot of costumers have pets--namely, cats--that "help" them while sewing their costumes. Do you have any familiars?

35% (7 voters) "Yes! I have a cat! (and I'm not a lonely cat lady at all! Seriously! I swear!"
50% (10 voters) "Yes! I have a dog!"
10% (2 votes) "Yes! I have some other kind of animal!"
15% (3 votes) "No, I don't have any pets. This poll sucks."

I'll change the poll periodically... I'd like to have some serious ones (relating to changes in the website) interspersed with random ones (like our first one). If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! =)

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