11 October, 2009

Poll results: Next Character to Focus on

Well, it was an interesting run. At the beginning, Ariel got the very first vote. Then Christine got a few, and it looked like she was going to be the definite lead. A couple of days into the poll, Elphaba got her first vote--and then antoher--and well, she is the winner by a landslide of 12 votes. (The second place winner, Christine, only got 7.)

Now that Glinda is out of the way, what character's costumes would you like to see focused on? (no promises, but I'll do my best!)

48% (12 votes) Elphaba (Wicked)
28% (7 votes) Christine (Phantom)
16% (4 votes) Ariel (TLM)
8% (2 votes) Elle Woods (LBTM)
0% (do the math!) NessaRose (Wicked) & Other Character

All right, Elphaba it is. No promises on timing (Phantom Tollbooth has a week left in its run, Little Red Ridinghood starts Monday, and Narnia on Tuesday) but I'll at least get some placeholder articles up. =)

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