12 June, 2009

Wicked: Costume Directory: Elphaba Thropp

A rundown of the costumes Elphaba wears in the musical.

Her Shiz Uniform is navy, in direct contrast to Galinda's cream.
On her First Day, she wears a navy blazer with black (or maybe a darker navy?) piping over a pleated dress and a dickey. She also wears a knitted cap.
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For the Ball, she takes off the dickey and blazer, and adds the hat Galinda gives her.
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After becoming "Galindafied", she wears a different blazer (presumably of Galinda's) which is highnecked, form-fitting, and mutton-sleeves.
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When she goes to the Emerald City, she wears a very Victorian black gown. It has a mandarin collar, mutton-sleeves, a light, swishy skirt, and a pointed waist with buttons to the neck. She also wears the hat, and during Defying Gravity, Glinda gives her a black cloak, she magics a broom, and presto! becomes the "Wicked Witch" we all know and love.
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During Act 2, she wears the same dress as before, only, due to her rampaging across the country saving animals she's never even met, it's ripped, patched, and turned on itself--Susan Hilferty says there are 14 different fabrics, which is 5 more than Galinda's bubble gown. I also heard a rumour that it weighs 95 pounds and that Shoshana Bean lost 45 pounds while playing Elphaba... but who knows whether these are true.
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Anonymous said...

I hope you don´t mind, If I correct some your little mistakes :) Elphaba actually has different dress for Party (in Dancing through life), the´re pretty much same as the casual Shiz dress, but has a slightly different color and are tighter. It´s said in the backstage clip with Dee Roscioli, she shows both of them here. And Elphaba also has one more dress for Finale (much simplier then casual Act II dress and with bigger neckline, it don´t have beading and is made from just one fabric, you can also seen this dress in the video with Dee, they´re next to casual Act II. dress, but she didn´t told anything about them.)

KristenMo said...

Will you ever make the Elphaba Act 2 blog post? The Glinda post was super helpful and I was really looking forward to the Elphaba Act 2 post too.


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