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Hello and welcome to Pink&Green! Here you will find my research, reference images, and as many resources as possible for different musical costumes.

6 June, 2010
Hey guys. I'm working hard, once again, to update everything. I just wanted to say one thing: P&G, and many other similar sites, receives a lot of requests for people to make them costumes, whether addressed to me via personal email or as a comment left on a page. That's really not what this site is about. It is not a catalogue, it's a resource, targeted to people who want more information on the costumes because they love fashion and/or because they themselves are trying to make a replica of their own. I've thought long and hard about this, and have reached the decision that "who can make this for me?" comments will henceforth be deleted.
HOWEVER if you are a seamstress who is willing to make costumes on commission, you may send me your information (or leave it as a comment) and I will begin a new page listing such sources, to give those people somewhere to turn.
Also, unless I hear otherwise, I believe there are a few wonderful people who do sell their work on the GW forums.

My regular readers will have observed there is some construction going on with P&G. I'm trying to reorganise it into a more cohesive, easier to work with format: since it's not an actual site, I can't keep it as orderly as, say, Costumer's Guide, which is great. So I'm doing my best. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties, and if you like/love/hate the new look, let me know in the poll!

For newcomers, the sidebar has tons of information: the "Fellow Thespians" section gives you the ability to follow and keep track of my posts, as well as connect with fellow readers. Beside it, there are links to the most commonly discussed characters (currently Wicked, Little Mermaid, and Legally Blonde), and below that, quicklinks to all the costume directories to date. At the very, very bottom of the sidebar is a quick rundown on how I have the right to maintain this site ("legal jargon").

This blog is a continual work in process, and a labour of love for me, so keep checking back for more costumes! =)


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