13 May, 2010

Update! and Love Never Dies pix

So... Yeah. My life has been interesting. I was insanely busy from December until April, and then... I kind of moped from April till now. I kind of forgot about the site, but I have remembered it now, and I'll be doing stuff, I promise. =)

So here's my action plan of what's coming: 
1. WICKED: More pix (I have a ton); more detail on Glinda's costume break downs with more pattern suggestions; some analyses on Elphaba's costumes; pages for each of Fiyero, Morrible, and Nessa's costumes; an ensemble page for each location (Ozian, Shiz, Emerald City, etc.), and possibly some individual pages for ensemble costumes someday
2. LEGALLY BLONDE: Pages for Margot, Vivian, Warner, and Emmett; the London variations of each of Elle's costumes added to their pages
3. LITTLE MERMAID: Pages for Ariel's other costumes
4. PHANTOM: Pages for Christine's costumes
5. LOVE NEVER DIES: A costume breakdown

Anything in particular you'd like to see? I have a bit of time on my hands; I might be able to make it happen. =)

As a peace offering and an apology, I have uploaded the photo call of Love Never Dies to Photobucket. I listened to the soundtrack and decided I can't stay mad at ALW forever. I hate that he made a sequel and I think the plot synopsis is retarded and the lyrics are kind of corny... but oh my god the music is so beautiful, and Sierra and Ramin are just... it's amazing. Phantom of the Opera was my first "theatre" experience, and introduced me to a ton of things I would later come to love a lot: high notes, shows about the theatre (no seriously; all my favourite movies, musicals, and tv shows are in some way about show business), opera, and angsty love triangles. 
I've kind of cured my addiction to the latter, though. Thank God. Oh boy, thank God. 

The costumes are... interesting. I really love the costumes in Phantom, but I'm not really a huge fan of these. I think because it's a time period I don't know a whole lot about. And the whole circus thing bugs me, because circuses have SNAKES and CLOWNS, two awful things that together are just a million times more awful. 


What do you think?

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