18 May, 2010

OT: Attention LOTR Cosplayers

Well, it's a little on-topic if you consider it as selling my stuff on eBay. 

I once had dreams of making Eowyn's Green Dress from LOTR. I still want to (it's half finished) but I don't want to put as much money into it as before. I purchased a little over a yard and a half of the trim used by Ngila Dickson in the actual movie, but never got to using it. And now I would like to sell it. 

First of all, here are research pages on the dress in question where you can see up close what the trim looks like on the dress: 
Eowyn's Green Dress @ Costumersguide.com (tab down to "making the dress")
Eowyn's Green Dress @ alleycatscratch.com/lotr (the original LOTR costumes site; tab down to "buying the trim")

The trim was found by Maggie (of CostumersGuide). It's from M&J Trimmings. Called "Black-Gold Bullion", it is item #950-26727 and retails at $39.98. I paid $60 for mine several years ago: you can't find it online, but you can call or email them to verify it. Occasionally they sell out, but it gets re-ordered from India pretty regularly. 

So here are pictures of the trim (courtesy the above websites): 
Here is the trim on the dress. The trim I own is the kind you see on the folded-over edge of the collar, NOT the one running around the neckline. 
Here is a still of Ngila Dickson, the genius woman who did the costumes for LotR, pointing to the trim in question and discussing how she made this costume on the Bonus Features of the Two Towers DVD. 
Here is a close up of the trim from CostumersGuide.com. 

And finally, here's a quick photo of mine. It's actually stored in a ziploc bag in the corner of my sewing box, but I took it out to take a picture. I'll take better quality shots before I list it on eBay. 

So here's the deal. I am selling this beautiful piece of very expensive trim. I will be listing the entire piece on eBay for $45 in about a week (roughly $30/yd). HOWEVER. If you're just using this on the collar of your green gown, you only need about 1/3- 1/2yd, and so between now and when I list it, if you email me and make me a per-1/2yd offer, I would be more than happy to negotiate with you. Also, to send you more pictures, etc. 

So... tell your friends! Contact me at Corbyjane[at]gmail[dot]com. =) 

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