22 December, 2009

First look at Legally Blonde costumes on West End

So I kind of dropped the ball on these ones, but the press release just came through, and we get our first look at Sheridan Smith in Legally Blonde the Musical! Yay!

The costumes look pretty similar, for the most part. They have little tweaks that make them look newish. In the video, you can see the "Serious" dress, which looks a little different, but not by much, in my opinion, as well as the Legally Blonde (Remix) dress.
What do you think of their sound?

Here's the "First Day At Harvard" still. As you can see, her "Harvard" beater now has a pink button-up collared shirt underneath, which takes it from "ludicrously out of place" (like in the Broadway musical) to "the right pieces, the wrong colour scheme" (more like the movie). Additionally, the pink/red jeans are gone, replaced with a dark wash denim. Her boots are matte leather or vinyl, rather than snakeskin.

Blood in the Water: with the jacket off, you can see the shirt is long sleeve.

See all of my Legally Blonde on West End pictures here.

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