25 December, 2009

Updates of the Photographic Kind

So, while I'm still far too lazy to actually update articles, I do have lots and lots of new pictures!

On the Elphaba front!
Uniform has new pictures in the Blazer (her default uniform), Ball (her "simple frock") and Galindafied (white blazer) section.
Also, new pictures in the Emerald City dress, Act 2 (I added 161 new pictures!), and last but not least, the black sheath dress she wears during the finale.
A few previews:

elphaba,wicked,galindafied,susan hilfertyball,elphaba,frock,susan hilferty,wickedPhotobucket
elphaba,black sheath,wicked,susan hilfertyPhotobucket

In Fiyero news, we have new pictures in arrival, Ozdust ballroom (which Nicholas Dromard, Fiyero in SF, calls his favourite costume), Shiz Uniform, Captain of the Guard, Revolutionary, and Scarecrow
fiyero,shiz,wicked,susan hilfertyfiyero,ozdust,wicked,susan hilfertyfiyero,wicked,shiz uniform,susan hilfertyrevolutionary,fiyero,wicked,susan hilferty

G(a)linda's Bubble Dress: Now that there are US, UK, and SF (previews) albums, I will no longer be adding directly to the Bubble Gown folder, and as soon as I move all links over, will be deleting the contents. All new photos will be uploaded into US, UK, and SF albums. (There are no new photos to report on this dress, as three days ago when I updated the article, I moved stuff over and added some new stuff there. So there's that.)

New pictures in Shiz Uniform, Popular, Emerald City, Thank Goodness, and Engagement
Glinda,Glinda,Shiz Uniform,Shiz Uniform,Wicked,Wicked,Susan Hilferty,Susan Hilfertyglinda,engagement ballgown,wicked,susan hilfertyone short day,emerald city,glinda,wicked,susan hilfertypopular,glinda,wicked,susan hilfertyglinda,politician,wicked,susan hilferty

Nessa Rose's Uniform, Party Dress, and Wicked Witch of the East
Nessa Rose,Wicked,Susan Hilferty,Shiz Uniformnessa rose,ballgown,wicked,susan hilfertynessa rose,governer,wicked,susan hilferty

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz finally has his own gallery! He only wears one costume, which will be dealt with at some point.

wizard of oz,wicked,susan hilferty wizard of oz,wicked,susan hilferty wizard of oz,wicked,susan hilferty

So yeah. On the to-do list:
Madame Morrible Costume Directory
Wizard of Oz costume analysis
I have decided to break the Bubble Gown article down into smaller, more manageable chunks as a) that will help me not get hopelessly lost when I try to edit and b) apparently some of our friends on dial-up have trouble loading the whole graphics heavy page (I was in your shoes for three years: I feel your pain)
Further updating to the Act 2 dress, as well as Elphaba's other costumes.
Also, I have a dream of getting the Shrek the Musical costumes up here, too, or at least Princess Fiona's. There are actually three separate ones that "young", "teen", and "adult" Fiona wear, and yeah. Plus, my sister, her BFF, and I plan on doing the song "I know It's Today" and I need to research a wee bit. So there's that.
Merry Christmas, you guys!
<3 Corbyjane

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