26 May, 2009

Legally Blonde: Positive

"This is Harvard--not a stripper bar!"

Outfit Overview:

  • Pink newsboy cap
  • Pink jacket
  • Pink capped-sleeve t-shirt (in the sketch, but in some pictures, you can see it's a tank) with HARVARD in purple glitter across the front
  • Purple capri jeans, belted with snakeskin belt, with flowery embroidery up the sides
  • Snakeskin high-heeled boots that come just below the knee
  • She carries her signature Schmancy bag (which she later hands off to Becky during the dance break) and wears her signature Tiffany's necklace and bracelet set.


Pink plaid newsboy cap. You can see green, yellow, and purple in the stripes.



The jacket/blazer appears to have evolved a lot over the course of the show.

San Francisco: In this early picture from the original SF debut, you can see it's a denim blazer with two buttons (only the top one, right under the bust, is fastened). Also, the sleeve (look at the left hand holding the leash) is pointed. It has one flap-breast pocket on the left side, and one at the waist on the left. I can't see if there's a waist-pocket on the right side, and as this is the only photo I can find of this jacket...


San Francisco II: In later pictures from the SF run, you see an entirely different jacket, still technically a blazer. (Note it's the same hat, shirt, and jeans, by the way). This very unique collarless jacket has a scoop-neck that closes with what I'm assuming is an eye-hook just below the lettering on the t-shirt. The fabric is the most interesting part of it, I think: it looks like a shades-of-pink paisley jacquard.


The sleeves are open (I think: look at the right hand) and trimmed with a matching pink braid—I think it's probably some combination of the fabric, because you can see bits of red and purple mixed in with the trim.


Where the shirt is open, you can see it's self-lined. I think it must be boned because of the stiffness of the blazer when she's moving around. For example, the dance-break (plus also, an instance where the "t-shirt's" true tanky colours are revealed!)


Broadway (LBB): Prolly my favourite incarnation, this one looks more like a windbreaker or a jacket than a blazer.


The fabric is shiny, probably some kind of vinyl leatherette. (if this is the case... it must be horrible for dancing) You can see the lining on the inside is crumpled (so probably some kind of china silk or substitute). There is a collar at the neck. The closures look like dark coloured (brown, black, magenta) snaps, and I can see two at the neck, but no others, and since she always wears it undone, I would assume there aren't any others. It also fastens at the sleeves. There is a cord (probably for adjusting) at the waist.


I can't tell if there are pockets. She doesn't hold any small props, so probably not.

[Analysis later, pending better images]

Broadway (Bailey): I don't like this one, and I don't know if it's because I dislike Bailey, or because it doesn't fit my idea of "Elle", but yeah.


This one is basically a jacket, and it reminds me of puffy jackets skiers wear. Also, the fabric is crumpled, and I think it looks like she just got out of bed.


The collar folds over, and is so wide it reaches over her shoulders. There is a pocket on her right shoulder, and other than that I can't see any other pockets. There's a zipper closure, and it looks like the waist is elasticised to be more form fitted. I don't see any closures on the sleeves.


Tour (Becky): Happy medium! Becky's jacket is very much like Bailey's, but it lacks the poufy and monstrous look hers has. This may have to do with the fact that Bailey is much more full-figured than Becky (IMO).


Note the differences between Becky's and previous outfits: Bruiser's leash is now pink, the jacket collar is folded over.


Other than its increased form-fittedness and the collar, the jacket itself is about the same as Bailey's. (note the consistency of the folded-over collar: I wonder if Becky thinks it's annoying? I think I would...)


Oh, and here's one I can't find any other pictures of:

Becky on Broadway: This is the same fabric as the jacquard SF coat, but the neckline is different (though it has the trim from the SF coat on the neckline). I can't find any other pictures of it on LBB or Bailey, though...

becky - jacquard


Very basic knit tank (not ribbed "beater"). Scoop neck. Body of the tank is a medium pink; edged in a darker pink on the neckline and sleeves (not at the waist). The lettering is pink surrounded by large silver glitter. For a while, a copy of this was available on eBay, but I haven't seen it for a while.

jacquardbroadway tankbroadway tank


These along with the blazer changed the most over the course of the show.

San Francisco: Purple wash capri jeans (cuffed over the boots); flowery embroidery. Fairly standard model: low cut, front and back pockets, etc. Close-ups of the embroidery below.

jeanssf embroiderysf embroidery

Broadway (LBB): Somewhere between SF and Broadway, changes occurred (because they are in some later promo shots, but not the first ones). The jeans look the same, except that the embroidery is gone and instead of being cuffed, the jeans are tucked into the boots. Whether they're still capris or are now regular length, I can't tell.

broadway jeans

Broadway (Bailey) & Tour (Becky) : Major change!

Well, colourwise, anyways. The pants are now either a hot pink or a red, depending on what photos you're looking at.

(L-R: Bailey, Becky, Becky, Bailey)

becky jeansbailey jeans

LATER: the boots, the bag(s)


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Pink Scarf said...

A note about the pants...

In the non-equity tour show that I went to see, Elle's pants are most definitely hot pink. Her entire outfit was so over-the-top pink, it was just perfect!


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