19 October, 2009

Poll Results: All time favourite Elphaba costume?

Wow, just keep getting more folks weighing in every time! This time we had a grand total of 32 voters! =D
Find out the results after the cut!

The question was, what's your favourite Elphaba costume?
6% (2 voters) like her initial Shiz Uniform [beanie, blazer, etc]
Another 6% (2 voters) like her "simple frock" [the dress she wears to the ball]
15% (5 voters, including myself) like her "Galindafied" white blazer
9% (3 voters) like her Emerald City Garb
And then her "Act 2 Dress" and her "Black Sheath Dress" tied, with both getting 31% each (10 voters).

I think that people might have been confused as to what I meant, in retrospect? By Act 2 Dress I meant the one we all remember:
And by Black Sheath I meant the oft-forgotten black slip she wears when Fiyero pulls her out of the trap door.

So, if you meant the Act 2 dress, but voted for the Black Sheath, let me know in the comments section. Otherwise, congrats to both costumes! =)

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the new poll... when I think of a question. Hey, any suggestions?

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