16 October, 2009

Galinda's Wardrobe is closing!

Galinda's Wardrobe, the original Wicked costuming resource, is closing! I got a message the other day from the webmistresses:

Dear GW members

The news came to us that GeoCities is closing down  on October 26 and will delete all website that are hosted on their server which will mean that our main website wil be deleted as well.... (Forum will be kept online)

Now you may have noticed that the main page hasn't been  updated in ages due to lack of time from both Sapphire and me (Jeenyus) though we would feel horrible to watch our site, in which we've put hard work in disapear.

so if there are any website maker enthousiasts that would like to take over our website and move it to a diffrent server, please let us know, she's our baby!!!

all credit goes to you and you will be in full control of the website, in fact you'll co-own the site with us!!

Please help us!!
Lots of love
Jeenyus & Sapphirenight
 If any of you can help them out, that would be awesome! The GW forums have been such an incredible help to me (and many others) in the making of this blog. And if they are gone... I'm (as far as I know) the only Wicked costuming resource left. And I just don't think I can handle the responsibility. =/


andrea said...

do not fear! i have asked if i can take over b/c i love love love that site (love your blog too!), i think there are several people who have asked. so someone is taking over. :D we will find out in the next couple of days who. XD

Jamie aka GreenifyMe said...

I too offered to do it. I haven't heard back from them so it sounds like I didn't get it. :(

corbyjane said...

Well, the email only went out a few days ago, so it's entirely possible they haven't gotten back to it yet. But I'm really glad people are willing to take it over. =)


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