31 May, 2010

Wicked: Boq's School Uniform

PhotobucketBoq's school uniform is composed of a navy and cream striped suit and pants, a green and white striped coloured shirt, a striped knit tie, and a red beanie.

Here's just a general overview until I get something more solid; feel free to chime in.
PhotobucketBlazer: I don't really know any terms for suits, so here's the best I can do. The jacket is cropped to waist-length. There's white trim around all the edges (the collar) and three brass buttons. The stripes are vertical wavy lines, and the pattern seems to be a thick line, a skinny line, and two even skinnier lines close together. There is at least one breast-pocket.
Shirt: Collared, it's a lime-green with the same white stripes are the blazer. I haven't found any pictures that show the buttons; the tie covers them.
PhotobucketTie: It has a blunt end (not pointed or rounded), it's a matte fabric, and has horizontal stripes of white, pale pink, pink, red, and purple.
Pants: they're the same fabric and pattern as the blazer. High-waisted, the stripes are horizontal along the waist, and you can see brass buttons along the waist. Three are visible, but there could be more. There are two side pockets and two in the back. They end at the "awkward" length: just above the ankle. (Too long for knickers, too short for pants)
He wears lace-up boots. Most pictures they look white, but in the picture next to the water cooler, it looks like there's a light blue overlay. Also, in some of the pictures (the smaller, poorer-resolution ones, of course) his stockings appear to be vertical stripes of green, magenta, and purple.

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