29 October, 2009

Poll Results: All time favourite Glinda costume?

Your question was "What's your all-time favourite G(a)linda costume?"

Results after the cut!

Well, apparently most people like the Bubble Gown quite a lot!

5% (2 voters) like The Shiz Uniform (with the blazer)
0% (....yeah...) like the Shiz Uniform (without the blazer: as seen in What is This Feeling)
27% (10 voters) like the Popular Gown
The One Short Day Dress and The Politician (Evita) Gown tied at 10% (4 voters) each
8% (3 voters) like the Engagement Ballgown
And last, with a whopping 37% (14 voters) is the Bubble Gown.

I can't remember which one I voted for, but it was either the Politician or the Engagement Ballgown. =D

1 comment:

Charis said...

It was really hard to choose my favourite Galinda gown. I eventually settled for her "One Short Day" dress.

By the way, how do you accomplish the "Behind the Cut" thing?


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