20 September, 2009

things I have done lately by corbyjane

So, welcome newcomers blahblahblah.
My traffic increased by about 500 people the day Maggie posted my link on her homepage. This probably means my personal blog (which was where costume posts were originally) will decrease in numbers, but it's okay.

I have finished the articles for all of G(a)linda's costumes. This doesn't mean they're done by ANY stretch of the imagination; it just means a rough overview for each costume has been finished. Ones that still need work would be the Thank Goodness dress and the Engagement Ball dress.... As new updates happen, I will not only update the actual article but in most cases post a new entry (which will then be at the top of the webpage) on what has been done.
I am also going through all the linkages and making sure they're still valid; the entire Elle costume directory was bad because I forgot to tag all Elle posts with "Elle Woods", so the button on the side of the page that took you to every entry with "Elle Woods" in the tags was basically useless. That is now fixed.

On the to-do list:
  • Finish Elle Woods articles. This is more difficult because they are everyday wear, and I'm actually more informed on fantasy stuff. If anyone has any information, you know where to find me!
  • Elphaba articles. I have a bunch of information on these (mostly from Julia, our German correspondent) and even if I don't go totally indepth like I have on Glinda, it would be nice to make that information available.
  • Ariel! I have so many pictures from TLM... no real information yet, but I can do some analysising of my own. It's how this blog began, and I know all my friends have their own observations. =)
  • 9 to 5 isn't even really divided yet... just a bunch of pictures all by themselves.
  • Guys & Dolls... I should probably watch the show so I even know what it's about, haha. Phantom of the Opera needs some articles. But there are quite a few online at other sites, so I'll probably just supply links.
Other shows I'm interested in...
  • Would anyone be interested in Avenue Q costumes? I mean, I don't know. How weird are we costumers?
  • Oliver, though this may be difficult to track.
  • Rent
  • Spring Awakening
  • Cats, maybe? I don't know...

Anyway, in real life (which may not be terribly interesting to y'all) I'm assisting the costume mistress for The Phantom Tollbooth at the local children's theatre (opens Oct 2). I am the costume mistress for the upcoming show Little Red Ridinghood (rehearsals start Oct 1). And I'm a participant in Narnia (rehearsals start the end of Oct) though I'm sure I'll get roped into sewing. I just know it.

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