21 September, 2009

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Pink Gown

Oh! Just look! It's like I'm in a storybook!
Oh! It's bliss! I dreamed that it would be
Somewhat- But not like this!

This entry is dedicated to Suzie. =)
I swear on my honour as a capybara this page will get updated more than it is, but here's something to start!

A brief overview: This lovely pink number is Ariel's first dress as a human. It's a heavily boned scoop neckline with puffed sleeves. The sleeves are enclosed in a little ribbon cage--I know there's a technical term for it, but they're like slops or a little like Snow White's sleeves. The skirt is really, really wide and flowy, and I love it to death!

The Bodice:
It reminds me a lot of Glinda's Bubble Gown's bodice. Looking closely at the picture in the centre, it almost looks like there are two shades of pink alternated on the panels (of which there are 14). However, I know shiny fabrics (and this looks like satin, to me) can reflect light differently, so I need more pictures before I can really confirm this.


The neckline is trimmed with a pink ruffle, and the centre panels (on either side of the centre seam) have pearly beads and pink embroidery.
Here's a closeup, and I've heightened the contrast so the design can be seen a little better.

Like I said, it appears that they are pale pink puffy sleeves with elastic (The same ruffle on the neckline covers the elastic, I'm assuming), framed by ribbons. The ribbons look heavily beaded (with the same beads as on the front of the bodice) and they're definitely stiff--as she moves around, you can see the sleeves underneath shifting, but the ribbon cagey thing doesn't.

The skirt:
Lots and lots of layers, and I vote chiffon.

Pattern recommendations:
Our old friend Butterick 6195 would would work well for the bodice. You'd have the draft the ribbony things. A cheater route would be to use a Snow White pattern and instead of doing ribbony things, do slashes like on my Susan dress. I think there's a tutorial on Narnia Web. I'm all for cheating.

The skirt would probably be simple. You'll need lots of layers, and if you can't draft it, Simplicity 3878 looks about right.


Anonymous said...

OH GOODIE! :-D! Thank you so much! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Also, I just went to your blog, and saw your Giselle dress, I love it!
I read a bit as well, what part of MN did you live in?
As of right now I live in Bloomington myself!

corbyjane said...

Hi Suzie, I attended the Association Free Lutheran Bible School in Plymouth (it's located on the eastern side of Medicine Lake) for two years. Now I'm back in California, but I love Minnesota and really hope I can move back there permanently. Enjoy the autumn colours for me--that was handsdown my favourite part of living back there.

Anonymous said...

I do love autumn, but my favorite has to be spring! :-)
California seems nice, I visited there once, Anaheim! And some other location, by the ocean. I stayed in a friend's relative's house! It was fantastic! I will be sure to love the fall colors double for you!!
They have started changing, but not that much yet. Looks like a late fall this year!

Ariel said...

hello, my name is nalani, but my nickname since i was little has been ariel the little mermaid. well my mom said it fit cuz since i was 2 i hae been singing daning, and i love the water. i love how my hair is red and how my eyes r blue. lol see how the similarities r?? haha well i have wanted this style dress for my wedding since i was young and it has never changed. im glad a real version has come out, but i was wondering whre to find one or hav one made?? any ideas?? the idea;l wedding dress for me and i love it!! plz help


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