23 September, 2009

Sierra Boggess backstage

Youtube video with Sierra Boggess (the original Ariel) giving us a backstage tourof her dressing room, insider secrets, and more. This video was (I believe) included with the DVD release of Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning or whatever it was called. I haven't seen it yet.

Not only does Sierra Boggess talk about her costumes (albeit briefly! *tear*), she talks with her mer-sisters about their costumes, too. Plus lots of behind the scenes footage! =)
One of the really important things I learned from this video (that I didn't learn watching my bootleg, even) is that the dress Ariel wears to the ball ISN'T the same as her wedding dress.... oops!

Here are my screenshots from this video (some are of the same video, but posted by another viewer with different resolution):


Here are some screenshots from a few bootlegs I found floating around the internet (NO, I'm not giving you links. That would be unethical!)

Anyone want to try their hand at a summary?

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