06 June, 2011

It's good to see me, isn't it?

Well guys, if you haven't guessed, my life is pretty nuts right now! Fortunately for Wickeders, Andrea at www.GalindasWardrobe.com is pro at keeping things updated, so I'd recommend you check there. For other shows, you've got my photobucket archives and if you shoot me an email (corbyjane at gmail) I can help you personally as best I can

In recreation news,
Anna made this lovely version of the popular dress, and commented to say,
I made this dress! whoohooo! for pics, check out my blog: http://annaseclecticlifeinfashion.blogspot.com 

I am working on a doll-sized version of the Bubble Gown that will fit American Girl dolls. This is a rough draft  version, but I am currently accepting orders for your own, made with better materials and fewer mistakes. The price is up for discussion depending but you're looking at between $50-70. 

Maybe you can give me some feedback... would you rather pay a flat fee for the dress (say, $70), or pay the cost of materials (which we can choose together to give your dress a customised look) plus $40 for labour? This means the price could vary depending on what you want, but I would charge more for labour because I'm working with unfamiliar materials. 

If you have suggestions for other doll dresses you'd like to see made, let me know. :)

04 December, 2010

Legally Blonde: Bruiser

I don't anticipate doing multiple posts for this one, even though a preliminary look seems to indicate that Bruiser's got nearly as many costumes as his mistress. Oy ve! My computer with all my LBTM pix is in the shop for the forseeable future, so I just went through my PB archives.

I have no pix of him during Omigod. On the computer, yes; online no. But he is in that scene.

Harvard: Looks like an argyle sweater. Becky's is maroon with grey and Bailey's is grey with pink. Not finding my LBB pix at the moment.

Chip on Your Shoulder: Magenta fleece (?) vest with orange accents. Too cute! We used to have a chihuahua  (RIP Tippy, the least obnoxious chihuahua ever!) and they run really cold... this would be a very simple and useful project for your Bruiser.

Curtain call:

01 November, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Did any of you dress up as musical characters? If you were, send me your pics! I'd love to show them off for you! (I was Emma Pillsbury from Glee!)

Speaking of which, here is the amazing Popular costume Brittany wanted to share with you guys. it's fabulous! Just be aware: this entry has a lot of full-sized images, for you old fogeys on dial-up!

20 October, 2010

Hey everybody!

Long time, no see, right? My stupid life with it's stupid business. *Sigh* Well, here are some pictures to make up for my absence?

Aren't these awesome? Thank you, Oh Person Who Knows Who You Are! =D
Layers of the bubble gown:

 The rarely seen front of the Bubble Gown:

Some lovely shots of Elphaba's finale dress:

Loveliness from the Popular Gown:

I have a few other things from way back that a few people have sent in. I'm currently in a show and involved in a few school things, so my life... continues to be busy. =) I'll do what I can, and thank you to everyone who has shared. Andrea at GalindasWardrobe has been doing a better job of keeping up with things; for Wicked stuff, at least, check her site out. =)

17 June, 2010

Legally Blonde news

Hey guys, once again, sorry I'm so slow on updating stuff. Uhm, so here's some news! If you didn't know (I haven't posted it, but it's all over the place) a mini version of Legally Blonde the Musical is running in Korea. It's been really hard to find any pictures that aren't promos (which notoriously use completely different costumes) so I've been working off what I find on youtube, and you can expect a few screen captures soon(ish). So far it looks like the costumes are EXTREMELY different; for instance, the playboy bunny suit has a little fluffy skirt, the finale dress is shortwaisted, and the Positive outfit is a miniskirt and little vest.

Also, Legally Blonde is going to the Philipines and according to Wikipedia starts June this year. I haven't seen any pix on this--if you got them, send them in!

Also, and I initially found this via Lauren Zakrin's twitter, there's a Netherland production of Legally Blonde. There's a video of the cast performing So Much Better at some awards gala here. My thoughts on the costumes? Yikes! I do not like the pointy shoulders that Elle is wearing. And the promo is even worse:
Is that what people wear in the Netherlands? Or is that how they think we dress? Thoughts?

14 June, 2010

Eowyn trim is up for auction.

See the item listing here. See related entries on the fashion blog, Turquoise&Sparkly.

06 June, 2010

Copenhagen production (fabric possibility) & Helsinki production (pix)

Andrea (of GW) sent in these pictures of a fabric she found in Joanns of fabric she thinks would work perfectly for the Glinda dress seen in the images. She says, 

i was at joann's tonight and found some fabric that looks almost exactly like galinda's netted white sleeve/bodice fabric.  took pics and wanted to share.  :)  attached them for you.  i found the fabric in the bridal section.  the label says "bridal inspirations, white point d'esprit" and was $4.99/yrd.
I think she's right--the fabric looks like an exact match. :)

On the website, as well, Andrea has some super hi-res versions of the promo images I posted yesterday. I won't repost them; you can find them on the GW homepage. They're amazing, like, count-the-eyelashes huge. (Hence why I'm not reposting them. :)

Additionally, there's also a second non-replicated production (I somehow missed this), as well. Here are images: 

(better resolution of the third image via Andrea)

I had thought that the first images were from the Copenhagen production and the most recent ones were from the Helsinki production, but I am now super confused, as I keep seeing them listed both ways. For the record, Copenhagen is in Denmark and Helsinki is in Finland. So.... anybody know which is which? :) 

02 June, 2010

New production of Wicked

I'm slowly working on getting new pix into the albums (I think I have Boq through Fiyero so far; I'm stuck on Glinda cuz there's just... so... many...), but in the Stephen Schwartz newsletter there was some information on a new non-replicated production of Wicked opening in Finland. 

31 May, 2010

Wicked: Boq's School Uniform

PhotobucketBoq's school uniform is composed of a navy and cream striped suit and pants, a green and white striped coloured shirt, a striped knit tie, and a red beanie.

New photos from Julia!

Our friend from Germany has sent me this awesome photos from their production of Wicked. I've added them all to the Die Hexon Von Oz album, but here they are here:


Looks like we've got some monkey bodies, higher resolution photos of the Bubble Gown, Ozdust Ensemble clothes, Baby Elphie, monkeys, and... I'm not sure what the last one is. I'll be talking about them a little more once I have the information. =)

Glinda's Crown & Wand

PhotobucketAs promised... this is mostly just a holding page until I have time to actually analyse the wand & crown. This is taken from my comment on Glinda's costuming directory.

18 May, 2010

OT: Attention LOTR Cosplayers

Well, it's a little on-topic if you consider it as selling my stuff on eBay. 

I once had dreams of making Eowyn's Green Dress from LOTR. I still want to (it's half finished) but I don't want to put as much money into it as before. I purchased a little over a yard and a half of the trim used by Ngila Dickson in the actual movie, but never got to using it. And now I would like to sell it. 

13 May, 2010

Update! and Love Never Dies pix

So... Yeah. My life has been interesting. I was insanely busy from December until April, and then... I kind of moped from April till now. I kind of forgot about the site, but I have remembered it now, and I'll be doing stuff, I promise. =)

So here's my action plan of what's coming: 
1. WICKED: More pix (I have a ton); more detail on Glinda's costume break downs with more pattern suggestions; some analyses on Elphaba's costumes; pages for each of Fiyero, Morrible, and Nessa's costumes; an ensemble page for each location (Ozian, Shiz, Emerald City, etc.), and possibly some individual pages for ensemble costumes someday
2. LEGALLY BLONDE: Pages for Margot, Vivian, Warner, and Emmett; the London variations of each of Elle's costumes added to their pages
3. LITTLE MERMAID: Pages for Ariel's other costumes
4. PHANTOM: Pages for Christine's costumes
5. LOVE NEVER DIES: A costume breakdown

Anything in particular you'd like to see? I have a bit of time on my hands; I might be able to make it happen. =)

As a peace offering and an apology, I have uploaded the photo call of Love Never Dies to Photobucket. I listened to the soundtrack and decided I can't stay mad at ALW forever. I hate that he made a sequel and I think the plot synopsis is retarded and the lyrics are kind of corny... but oh my god the music is so beautiful, and Sierra and Ramin are just... it's amazing. Phantom of the Opera was my first "theatre" experience, and introduced me to a ton of things I would later come to love a lot: high notes, shows about the theatre (no seriously; all my favourite movies, musicals, and tv shows are in some way about show business), opera, and angsty love triangles. 
I've kind of cured my addiction to the latter, though. Thank God. Oh boy, thank God. 

The costumes are... interesting. I really love the costumes in Phantom, but I'm not really a huge fan of these. I think because it's a time period I don't know a whole lot about. And the whole circus thing bugs me, because circuses have SNAKES and CLOWNS, two awful things that together are just a million times more awful. 


What do you think?

02 January, 2010

Wicked: Glinda's Bubble Gown: SF Previews

San Francisco Try-Outs / Early Broadway

The dress, like every other costume seen in Wicked, went through a variety of phases before it became what it is today. This article is devoted to the research of what Glinda wore during the San Francisco previews and for a short time on Broadway. Notable actresses that have worn this version of the dress are Kristin Chenoweth (obviously), Laura Bell Bundy, Jennifer Laura Thompson, and Megan Hilty.

25 December, 2009

Wicked: Glinda's Bubble Gown Directory

"It's good to see me, isn't it?"
Glinda the Good
When conceiving designs for G(a)linda, Susan Hilferty said she was based on the sky: think clouds, stars... (there are some serious "airhead" jokes dying to be made here, guys). That being said, this dress is the "iconic" one for Glinda (she's at the Glinda stage for this dress... just so you nit-pickers are aware)--it does mimic, in style, the Wizard of Oz dress, as well as clearly having the "sky" element.

When I went to see Behind the Emerald Curtain, a behind the scenes tour of Wicked, our tour leader (Nicholas Dromard, who plays Fiyero in the San Francisco production) said that it is one of the only symmetrical costumes in Wicked. I knew this, of course, but he said the reasoning is because Glinda brings order to the chaos of Oz when she comes into her own as Glinda The Good. I found this interesting.


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