06 June, 2011

It's good to see me, isn't it?

Well guys, if you haven't guessed, my life is pretty nuts right now! Fortunately for Wickeders, Andrea at www.GalindasWardrobe.com is pro at keeping things updated, so I'd recommend you check there. For other shows, you've got my photobucket archives and if you shoot me an email (corbyjane at gmail) I can help you personally as best I can

In recreation news,
Anna made this lovely version of the popular dress, and commented to say,
I made this dress! whoohooo! for pics, check out my blog: http://annaseclecticlifeinfashion.blogspot.com 

I am working on a doll-sized version of the Bubble Gown that will fit American Girl dolls. This is a rough draft  version, but I am currently accepting orders for your own, made with better materials and fewer mistakes. The price is up for discussion depending but you're looking at between $50-70. 

Maybe you can give me some feedback... would you rather pay a flat fee for the dress (say, $70), or pay the cost of materials (which we can choose together to give your dress a customised look) plus $40 for labour? This means the price could vary depending on what you want, but I would charge more for labour because I'm working with unfamiliar materials. 

If you have suggestions for other doll dresses you'd like to see made, let me know. :)

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