04 December, 2010

Legally Blonde: Bruiser

I don't anticipate doing multiple posts for this one, even though a preliminary look seems to indicate that Bruiser's got nearly as many costumes as his mistress. Oy ve! My computer with all my LBTM pix is in the shop for the forseeable future, so I just went through my PB archives.

I have no pix of him during Omigod. On the computer, yes; online no. But he is in that scene.

Harvard: Looks like an argyle sweater. Becky's is maroon with grey and Bailey's is grey with pink. Not finding my LBB pix at the moment.

Chip on Your Shoulder: Magenta fleece (?) vest with orange accents. Too cute! We used to have a chihuahua  (RIP Tippy, the least obnoxious chihuahua ever!) and they run really cold... this would be a very simple and useful project for your Bruiser.

Curtain call:

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