20 October, 2010

Hey everybody!

Long time, no see, right? My stupid life with it's stupid business. *Sigh* Well, here are some pictures to make up for my absence?

Aren't these awesome? Thank you, Oh Person Who Knows Who You Are! =D
Layers of the bubble gown:

 The rarely seen front of the Bubble Gown:

Some lovely shots of Elphaba's finale dress:

Loveliness from the Popular Gown:

I have a few other things from way back that a few people have sent in. I'm currently in a show and involved in a few school things, so my life... continues to be busy. =) I'll do what I can, and thank you to everyone who has shared. Andrea at GalindasWardrobe has been doing a better job of keeping up with things; for Wicked stuff, at least, check her site out. =)

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