31 May, 2010

New photos from Julia!

Our friend from Germany has sent me this awesome photos from their production of Wicked. I've added them all to the Die Hexon Von Oz album, but here they are here:


Looks like we've got some monkey bodies, higher resolution photos of the Bubble Gown, Ozdust Ensemble clothes, Baby Elphie, monkeys, and... I'm not sure what the last one is. I'll be talking about them a little more once I have the information. =)


erisedstraeh said...

hey, i noticed in the ensemble pic with the black and white costumes you can see dorothy's outfit! evidence of the character's exsistence! :D


erisedstraeh said...

ps. i think that last picture is of Fiyero's scarecrow prosthetic for his head. :)


Corbyjane said...

I think you're right... I was thrown off by the creepy face. ;)


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