07 September, 2009

Updates on Glinda costumes...

Julia (involved in the German production of Wicked) emailed me to give me LOTS of info about Glinda & Elphaba's costumes, as well as sending me a TON of behind the scenes pictures. All the pictures are being integrated into the normal galleries on photobucket, but you can see all of hers in one gallery here.

Her updates will be integrated into the costuming articles (over time), but here is the list of costumes she mentioned (crossing out means I have added it to the article)
Glinda's Bubble Dress
Glinda's Shiz Uniform
Elphaba's Act 2 Dress (which currently has no article, hence the delay)

I have emailed her with more questions and requests for more pictures... it's all so exciting! Go look at the pictures--I literally screamed when I saw some of them!

Thanks so much, Julia! =D

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