09 September, 2009

Cheap Trick... more than just a band.

So, I happened across this on eBay. Available by the yard for $16.99, it's gold organza with self embroidery.

"You are bidding on one yard of a beautiful gold organza with self embroidery Fabric is 104 inches wide and is great for you, your dolls or any Holiday projects. I have used this for curtains, and Civil War Reproduction ball gowns.It is a beautiful fabric. There is more uncut yardage in my Ebay store, Memaw's Attic."

I think it would be a fantastic shortcut for the Emerald City dress. For the skirt, just use it as a few of the top layers. (See below)


And for the (UK-whatever-AU) bodice, use it as the interfacing over the already constructed bodice. (I genuinely hope I'm making sense here, because I'm all drugged up and a little confusable)


Clearly, it's not as perfect a match as the skirt, but anyway, I thought it might be helpful.
You can purchase the fabric here.


Charis said...

This is a gorgeous dress! I absolutely love it, and I think that that material would be practically perfect in every way :)

Cathy said...

I found some embroidered and sequined yellow organza at JoAnn Fabric that I thought would do well for Glinda's Emerald City dress but at $13 a yard I had to pass on it. Here are some photos though if you're interested. Fabric, Close up of label

Corbyjane said...

Thanks, Cathy! I'm adding that to the site now! =)


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