06 June, 2010

Copenhagen production (fabric possibility) & Helsinki production (pix)

Andrea (of GW) sent in these pictures of a fabric she found in Joanns of fabric she thinks would work perfectly for the Glinda dress seen in the images. She says, 

i was at joann's tonight and found some fabric that looks almost exactly like galinda's netted white sleeve/bodice fabric.  took pics and wanted to share.  :)  attached them for you.  i found the fabric in the bridal section.  the label says "bridal inspirations, white point d'esprit" and was $4.99/yrd.
I think she's right--the fabric looks like an exact match. :)

On the website, as well, Andrea has some super hi-res versions of the promo images I posted yesterday. I won't repost them; you can find them on the GW homepage. They're amazing, like, count-the-eyelashes huge. (Hence why I'm not reposting them. :)

Additionally, there's also a second non-replicated production (I somehow missed this), as well. Here are images: 

(better resolution of the third image via Andrea)

I had thought that the first images were from the Copenhagen production and the most recent ones were from the Helsinki production, but I am now super confused, as I keep seeing them listed both ways. For the record, Copenhagen is in Denmark and Helsinki is in Finland. So.... anybody know which is which? :) 


erisedstraeh said...

okay so i'm not the only one who was confused with which pictures were form which production! after careful study of the sites and text on the pictures, i think the first set of pictures (the uber high res ones i pointed you to) is the Denmark production. i think these that you just posted are the Finnish production.

Corbyjane said...

I think you're right. I kept googling at, and got different results every time, but I'm pretty sure that's right.
It seems strange, though, since the FInnish production opens in August and the Danish one in December, that the Danish one has a lot more promo images available. Wouldn't you think the Finnish one would have more?


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