13 July, 2009

Glinda's Engagement Gown

"There's a ball that's being staged
Announcing Glinda is engaged
to Fiyero!"
--Boq, "The Wicked Witch of The East"


Fellow readers, may I make a confession? This may be my favouritest dress... and it's only worn for a split second! So sad, right?

Basic description:
Two piece, like all her dresses (I can has proofs? below)

The dress is made to give the impression that there are two dresses:


The Overdress which is what the majority of the bodice is (the body and straps). The bodice and petals are different fabrics, but they are very, very close in colour: both are a blue-green, and slightly more pale than the underdress.

The (Over)Bodice is opaque and metallic, prolly some sort of satin. (As a matter of fact, Mill End Textiles in the upper Midwest has a satin that would be perfect for it. The colour is called "blue sage". So if you're out there, I'd recommend a visit! this is the fabric I used for my Susan Gown's underdress & lining, so I know what I'm talking about.) In some pictures, it looks very brocade -like, but I'm not sure if this is something that varies from costume to costume or not.


Also, I cannot tell if the embroidery is gold or green. In some it looks DEFINTELY green and in others DEFINITELY gold, so... idk.


Also, it looks like there are different ways of clasping the bodice... They look like laces attached to the bodice, but there are different spacings and amounts of them, so I have no idea... again, I don't feel like trying to organise all the different renderings of this dress because we have like 20 pictures total of it, so... yeah. But here's different shots of the bodice lacings:


The Petals look like the same fabric as the Bubble gown: I don't remember who said it, but one Glinda called it the "Bubble Gown in Training". (Mebbe Lucy Durack?) They look a little sheer in some pictures, but I think they're just thinner (less lined) than the Bubble Gown petals. They have shiny sequins on them... which might be green or gold. Ignorance and apathy.


The Underdress which is what the slice on the bodice is, as well as the underneath part of the front. It's much more sheer, softer, and either crinkled or pleated, depending on which version of the gown you're looking at. Also, it's a lighter green. I think it's chiffon FOR REAL I MEAN IT THIS TIME GUYS RLY.


Pleated (or at least evenly spaced gathers):


There's a pattern on the underdress fabric! It looks like it's floral-ly!


Shoes: no clue. See Bubble Gown.
Crown & Jewelry:


Galinda / Glinda's Costume Directory


Anonymous said...

it looks like there are at least two different gowns here, made from the same style or of similair designs. that would explain the different colors, how one is gold and one is not.

sesilia patrick said...

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