02 June, 2009

Legally Blonde: Remix Dress

"I said I'm never wearing that again--I'm wearing THIS!"

 Elle wears this dress under her coat when she's heading back to California. She stops to say goodbye to Paulette, and is surprised by Vivian and Enid, who are eager to get her "back on the case, back to the trial". She says no to the navy blue suit they've brought her, and goes "back in her style".

This over the top pink wrap dress directly references the pink dress Reese wears in the movie. Now, Gregg has a bit to say about this dress... "...We actually have this garment in two guises: we have it in what is a more believable, [?] version, and then a solidly beaded, over the top, curtain call garment." He then goes onto talk at length about the curtain call dress, which... eh. I don't really like it. It's way too over the top for me.

  • hot pink jersey fabric (Gregg Barnes says in dress fitting with LBB). In early promos, the fabric is a solid, but later on it becomes a pinstripe. 
  • Longsleeve, wide-collar bodice--wrap extends to the empire waistline
  • At the slightly-dropped waist, there's an inverted V
  • A belt with a pointed end ties at the natural waist
  • "Satin-finished bugle beads" decorate the collar, the cuffs of the sleeves, and the belt in the original version, but later are replaced with the same pinstripes as the rest of the dress
  • The West End version is completely different and will be addressed at the end of the article. 
Here's the original look. 

And here's the pinstripe

Shape: From actress to actress, fabric to fabric, the shape remains consistent. Here you can see the seams:
I think there is also a seam under the belt; you can see it in the middle picture. (Becky) The wrap-skirt ends under the tie (correlating with the wrap neckline)

Belt: Here's the original sparkly version

Note how the beads go diagonally, kind of a precursor to the pinstriped fabric

It's a silk or satin, tied like a necktie, and is a plaid with stripes of purple and lavender on a pink background. There are also some little dot details on it.

Collar, cuff, and belt detail:
You can see the diagonal strips of beading running along the cuffs, collar, and belt.

Shoes: Like many productions, her shoes aren't consistent. In order, LBB, Becky, and Bailey. (Note: I cannot tell if the Becky ones are roughed up--which seems unlikely--or patterned)

Other versions: 
Promo dress: 
In early promo art for Legally Blonde, Sheridan Smith as Elle wears a dress very much like the Remix dress. It crosses over at a slightly lowered empire waist and ties with a sparkly tie. It lacks the collar and cuffs, and has a shorter skirt. She wears it with open-toed pumps with little bows on them.

However, in the actual Remix scene, Elle Woods wears this:
West End Remix: 
It's a very mod dress, close-fitting with a pencil skirt and cap sleeves. I'm not sure what to call the little flared collar, but it's really cute. There is a waist seam right at the waist, and princess seams make it very form-fitting. There are tiny slit-pockets right over her hips.
In the promo image, she is wearing the same shoes as in the previous one, but in the actual production, she wears basic pink pumps. I think the heel is about 4-5".

Remix Dress Photobucket Gallery
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Anonymous said...

Great article! There aren't any pictures of her that I know of, but I've noticed from the London production that the Elle understudy (Amy Lennox) doesn't wear the same style of Remix dress as Sheridan - Amy's is very similar to the one Sheridan's wearing in the early promo art. Which makes me think that it might actually be the exact same dress and they just gave her that one when they made the new dress for Sheridan, since the dress doesn't actually fit Amy very well, it's quite clearly too big for her!

Corbyjane said...

Thanks anon! I'll try and dig up some pictures. I'll bet you're right an it's just the dress from the promo. :)


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