26 May, 2009

Legally Blonde: Omigod Dress

"This dress has to seal the deal--make a grown man kneel--but it can't come right out and say 'bride'!"
  • White empire-waisted above-the-knee dress with scalloped edges, pink embroidery, over pink trim.
  • She wears her Tiffany'sAlign Center bracelet & necklace set, sparkly crystal earrings

IMO, it's supposed to be strapless, but since it's worn over the Serious Dress, the straps show under.


I can't find any major differences between LBB, Bailey, and Becky's versions of this gown—shocking, I know. In the promo shots, Bailey's looks a little brighter in colour than LBB's, but I think that's the difference in quality for the pictures.

The main over-fabric of the gown is white—I think it's chiffon, because I like everything to be chiffon, but it's white, heavyish, and it seems pretty stand-alone in the sideshots.


The underneath fabric (not the Serious dress, but the part that shows underneath the scalloped edges) is the same shade of pink as the embroidery on the scallops, and is a silky and ribbed fabric.


The edges (neckline and hemline) are scalloped, and the pink embroidery gives it an eyelet effect: I totally thought they were until I looked at Bailey's major high-rez shots.


SHOES: these are different, I'm pretty sure.

Becky's are magenta, sparkly and glittery and have an ankle strap (showing here)


LBB's are about the same colour as the trim on the dress, and are closed-toed with no strap


Bailey's are pink and sparkly, and have an ugly elastic band across them so she won't kick them off ala LBB in SF.


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